How to grow grapes

While beeing in the army in 1954, Uno Kivistik sent home five grape plants. Since then, grapes have been grown in Roogoja farm.

There are more than 150 grapes tested in Roogoja farm to find out the most suitable ones for our climate. We are also selling grapevine plants from spring to autumn.

The right place to plant grapes

In northen Europe the suitable places to grow grapes are in the greenhouse or by the northen side of the wall, where the sun shines the most or in large conteiners on balconies.


Grapes are undemanding about the soil. From the wall, at least 0,3 m planting distance is advised and 1 - 1,5 m between the plants. One plant requires at least 1-2 m2 growing area. Spring is the best time to plant the grapes, but when the plants are in polythene bags or pots, they can be successfully planted with the root ball throughout the summer.

The grape plant should be planted at a good depth, with 5-8 cm of soil covering its 1-2 buds. It is also important to follow that after the soil in the hole is sunk, the last layer on the plant should be 5-10 cm higher than the surrounding ground.

General care

In the first summer after planting no fertilizing is necessary, especially when the soil was prepared as required. It is advised to cut the tip (10-15cm) of the shoot in August to prepare plant for autumn.

In spring, young plant shoots and leaves are not cold resistant. In the danger of night colds, cover the shoots with cloths. Nevertheless, if the night cold damages the shoots and leaves, the plant will survive, but the crop will be lesser. We do not adivse to cut shoots in the spring.

You can expect the crop on the third year.

You can even eat varieties with late ripening time afther the leaves have fallen.


The grape plants are cut in autumn. Usually the right time is about October, after the eaves are fallen. There are many ways to cut grapes, but here is one of them.

Leave 3-4 wooden vines about 1,5 - 2 m long on a one plant. Cut other shoots down to 1-2 buds. You can leave the same vines uncut in the following years.

Getting ready for winter

Bend down prepared vines to the ground and cover with peat or fir-wood. If you have grape plant with a pot, take it to a dry cellar.