Flower fair will take place 3rd of August 2024!

Karla Village was a well-known gardening region already during the Soviet time - there was the gardening unit of the collective farm named by Johannes Lauristin, which used to employ many people. Every summer, the gardening unit organised a Flower Day where they offered flower exhibitions, workshops, entertainment, gardening contests, lectures and other opportunities to learn about gardening. The main organisers of the former Flower Day event were the owners of Roogoja Horticulture Farm – Uno and Aili Kivistik.

Roogoja Horticulture Farm’s clematis collection is undoubtedly the main attraction of the Flower Fair. At the beginning of August, the clematis garden is blooming and showing off its best. Every year, both local and foreign tourists visit the garden. Roogoja Farm is especially popular with foreign visitors (mostly from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Latvia; There have also been visitors from USA, Canada, Australia and Japan). The Clematis collection of Roogoja Horticulture Farm is known to be the northernmost collection. Therefore, the professionals from other Nordic countries are interested in the varieties that have adapted to our climate. The farm will exhibit the collection of 23 wild species of Clematis and over 270 varieties and hybrids. The Flower Fair is the best time to visit the farm - its garden is blooming, there is some gardening themed entertainment for both adults and kids.

THE FLOWER FAIR 2024 will be on the 3rd of August

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